Scottish Ales from Shetland to the Borders

Cairngorm Gift Pack - Cairngorm

Selection of four Cairngorm Ales.
Cairngorm Gift Pack - Cairngorm
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A selection of aless from the following: CAIRNGORM GOLD 4.5% ABV units per 500ml bottle A light coloured, light bodied continental style beer. Saaz hops provide an initial fresh and zesty flavour with Styrian Goldings providing late aromas. WILDCAT 5.1% ABV units per 500ml bottle A deep amber coloured ale with a complex malt and fruit flavour, with a delicate bitterness from Challenger and Fuggles hops. Strong and distinctive. NESSIE’S MONSTER MASH 4.4% ABV units per 500ml bottle A predominantly malty, lightly hopped beer giving a satisfying fullness of flavour with a warm finish. A glass or two is a must before seeking an audience with the monster! STAG 4.1% ABV units per 500ml bottle A mahogany coloured ale with medium to light body. Challenger and Fuggles hops are added plentifully giving initial bitterness that is then balanced by a caramel finish from the roast malts. TRADE WINDS 4.3% ABV units per 500ml bottle Light golden in colour, with high proportion of wheat giving the beer a clean fresh taste. The mash blends together with the Perle hops and elderflower providing a bouquet of fruit and citrus flavours. CAMRA Champion Speciality Beer of Britain 2004, 2005 and 2006 SIBA UK Champion Best Bitter 2006 & 2008 CAMRA Chamion Beer of Scotland 2004 BLACK GOLD 4.4% ABV units per 500ml bottle A Scottish stout with a wonderful rich dark colour. A smooth full bodied beer with subtle bitterness giving way to late sweetness and underlying roast barley hints. CAMRA Chamion Beer of Scotland 2005 SIBA UK Champion Stout 2005.


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