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  Buy beer online through our Scottish Real Ale Shop, a unique place in Callander situated in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park selling over 130 different Scottish Beers by over 30 micro breweries from the Shetlands to the Borders.

Our passion for Real Ale has long been established at the Lade Inn with our own exclusive house ales, but we wanted to take it one step further and become the central hub for all Scottish Bottled Ales. To make this dream a reality, we converted our old Microbrewery and the Scottish Real Ale Shop opened its doors for the first time in December 2006. We are a one stop shop for Scottish beer, Real Ale Festivals and brewing information; a place where you can purchase that elusive bottle from the Hebrides or that delicious blonde from Islay. We hold a Beer Festival every year and have tastings throughout the summer weekends so you can try before you buy! 


Born out of a passion for making cider in the best possible way, combined with belief in the quality of Scottish produce, and asking ‘why not?’, came Thistly Cross Cider, Scotland’s award winning farmhouse ciders. Established as a collaboration between farmer, Ian Rennie, and artist-turned-cidermaker, Peter Stuart, in 2008, Thistly Cross has gained a reputation for making ciders that people rave about.

Based at the Cider Shed just outside Dunbar, in the heart of the East Lothian countryside, we’re involved in every aspect of making our award-winning Scottish farmhouse cider. From pressing the Scottish apples and strawberries, to achieving the smooth, balanced Thistly Cross flavour by fermenting with Champagne yeast then maturing for six months; we’re invested at every step of the cider-making process, from apple to cider.

Thistly Cross

Thistly Cross - Original

Slightly Sparkling original Scottish cider. 6.2% ABV. 500ml.

Sales price: £3.35
Total: £3.35
Price / kg:

Thistly Cross - Strawberry

Strawberry Red is a cider flavoured with strawberries ...

Sales price: £3.80
Total: £3.80
Price / kg:

Thistly Cross - Whisky

Our Whisky-Cask Aged Cider 6.9% ABV. 500ML

Sales price: £3.60
Total: £3.60
Price / kg:

Cider Special

Selection of seven Thistly Cross Ciders

Sales price: £24.50
Total: £24.50

Cider Premier Special

Selection of 12 Thistly Cross Ciders

Sales price: £39.99
Total: £39.99

Thistly Cross - Ginger

Our Fresh Root Ginger Infused Cider. 4% ABV 500ml

Sales price: £3.80
Total: £3.80
Price / kg:

Thistly Cross Traditional 4.4%

Our Satisfying Session Cider has the same smooth flavour as ...

Sales price: £3.25
Total: £3.25
Price / kg:

Thistly Cross Elderflower

Our flavoursome Elderflower Cider packs a serious taste ...

Sales price: £3.80
Total: £3.80
Price / kg: