Scottish Ales from Shetland to the Borders

St Andrews Brewing Company


After buying, selling, drinking and writing about locally produced beer for most of his working life, Bob Phaff felt it was about time to put his money and effort where his mouth has been for years.

Once the idea was born the wheels of the brewery began to roll, and after a little rolling around Bob found his little start-up home in Glenrothes, with a long term plan to move to a larger home closer to St Andrews.

On 9th January 2012 Bob got the keys and later that month saw the arrival of a 4bl brewery.

Creating great beers is the primary goal of the company and because of that Bob brought on board Stuart Noble. After years of working at some of the very best breweries in his home land of South Yorkshire, Stuart agreed to lend a hand, and as Bob had been tasting the beers Stuart produced on a regular basis for years He was more then thrilled to have him involved.

Design has been very important to Bob, and from the start he wanted to offer a stand-out design, label and artwork concept, which led him to collaborate with local ceramic artist Susan McGill. Susan's ideas and concepts showcase her work and bring a unique image to the beers, combining traditional and modern images and design. Bob is chuffed to bits with the outcome and hopes you like it too.

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